About Us

The White Horse Federation is a multi-Academy Trust which supports Primary, Secondary and Specialist Schools in the South of England.

Bilbury, Liddington and Uffington are office rooms available for hire in the evenings.

Drove Primary School is located in the middle of Swindon town centre on Drove road. Its central location makes it perfect for a variety of different bookings, including children's parties.

Tregoze Primary is a small primary school located in West Swindon. Its location in the far west makes its popular as it is the only school located that far west. The large hall at Tregoze Primary is ideal for end of year shows and performances and excercise classes.

The Croft Primary School is located in the south of the town centre. Its prime location is perfect for bookings around the centre of town. Our modern school hall is a large space, ideal for exercise & dance groups.

Haydon Wick Primary School is located in the north of Swindon. This medium sized school hall can seat up to 50 people, it is an ideal space for exercise classes. We also have an outdoor space available it is ideal for kids parties and community events as a break away area.

Rodbourne Cheney Primary School is located The Broadway, Rodbourne Cheney. Our large school hall has original parquet flooring, making it ideal for dance & exercise classes.

Gorse Hill Primary School is located on Avening St, Gorse Hill. It has facilities such as Junior and Infant Halls, a Small Meeting Room, a Community Room and Junior Astro Pitch.

Our opening times are as follows:
Central Offices
6.30-10 pm Mon-Fri
Weekends 9 am-6 pm
All Others
6 -10 pm Mon-Fri
Weekends 9 am-6 pm

We are excited to offer our facilities to the public to provide activities and events to bring the community together. We have a range of spaces available, suitable for various classes and events.

To find out more about each school visit our website here

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